Friday, September 9, 2016

When and When Not to Call a Bail Bonding Agent

Getting arrested and handcuffed is perhaps one of the most terrifying and life changing events you may ever experience.  It's even more difficult for your loved ones at home, scrambling to gather enough cash to get you out of jail and back home where you belong.  More often than not, you or a loved one is going to need a local bail bonding agent to post bond.  However, there are some specific scenarios when hiring a local bail bonding services company like Rush Bail Bonds in Alabama just doesn't make financial sense.  As the publishers of a weekly newspaper for convicts, we are dedicated to helping defendants make the best possible decisions regarding their cases.  In our series, Breaking Bond, we're taking a closer look and when you should and should't hire a local bail bonding agent.

Misdemeanors and Bail Agents

If you've been charged with a minor offense, such a littering you may not need the help of a local bail bonding agent.  Most minor offenses are classified as a misdemeanor.  Littering, sneezing during a buffet line, and most parking ticket are considered to be a misdemeanor offenses.  If you receive a ticket or you've been arrested for a misdemeanor, you will most likely pay a small fine and be on your merry way.  However, if you've been charged with illegal dumping, the most serious of misdemeanor offenses, you will need to call a professional and reliable local bail bonding agent.  A local bail bonding agent is required by law to be available 24/7, 365 days a year.  A bail bonding agent will be able to help you gather the cash and collateral needed to post bond on a serious misdemeanor offense.  If you are financially responsible, it shouldn't take more than a couple hours to post bail with the help of a local bail bonding agent.

Felonies and a Bail Bonding Services Company

A felony crime is the most serious of charges in the American judicial system.  Murder, robbery, and assault are al classified as a felony crime.  If you've been charged with a felony you are going to need a really good lawyer and an even better bail bonding agent.  In felony cases, a judge will typically set bond very high.  In some cases, defendants are denied bond all together due to the violent nature of the alleged crimes.  If you or someone you know is charged with a felony, it is critical to work a with a local bail bonding agent specializing in serious crimes and large bond amounts.  A local bail bonding agent will have the ability to keep better tabs on you once you're released than an out of town bail bonding agent.  In addition, a local judge typically will set a more reasonable bond amount if he or she knows the defendant will be hiring a professional and reliable bail bonding agent.

Speeding Tickets and the Slammer

If you have hot rod and you decide to go 45 miles per hour in a school zone, you're probably not going to need a local bail bondsman on your side.  If a police officer finds your driving habit put other lives at risk, you will most likely take a slow ride to the local county jail.  Most speeding offenders will never spend more than a couple hours in jail because it's fairly inexpensive to post bond under these circumstances.  In fact, you won't even need to see a judge.  However, if you are caught speeding again within 48 hours of your first ticket, you will need to call an honest and professional bail bonding agent.  This time around, you will need to go before a judge .  This hearing is called a first appearance and it's where the facts of the case are presented an your bond will be set.

As you can see,  you don't always need the help of a local bail bonding agent when you break the law.  However, you should never delay calling a local bail bonding services company when you or a loved one is charged with a serious crime.  If you're still unsure about when you should enlist the help of a bail bondsman, call your local bail bonding service company.  Most honest and professional bail bondsman will answer your questions, specific to your case, free of charge.  Good luck!

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